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Mobile sites now available!
Mobile website More than 12 percent of website traffic came from mobile devices in Q4 2011, a year-over-year increase of 102 percent, according to marketing and public relations firm Walker Sands Communications.

The percentage of website traffic coming from mobile devices in 2011 rose as the year went on, starting at 6 percent in Q1 and ending at 13 percent in Q4.

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Mobile Sites

Mobile Websites Floristboard's Mobile optimized sites offer a quick, low-cost way to obtain a mobile website.

Leading Internet experts predict that more than half of all internet traffic will come from mobile phones by next year (wow!). It's now a business necessity for retailers to provide mobile shoppers with an optimized mobile store that meets their unique shopping needs.

A non-mobile-optimized website converts at around 0.3% while a properly optimized site can convert at rates between 1.0-3.0%. While that's a problem now, when 13% of web traffic comes from mobile, it becomes life-threatening to a business when mobile-originated web traffic surpasses traffic coming from computers!

Get your mobile optimized site now for only $499!*

Watch the video below to see how Floristboard's mobile optimized websites can help put you at the top of Google Mobile's search rankings, and help buyers choose you for their floral needs. 
* Mobile optimized sites are sold separately for a $499.00 setup fee. If purchased at the same time as a "Standard" site, a mobile optimized site can be added for $199.00 (a $300 discount off the regular price.) Monthly hosting charge of $19.99/mo applies to stand-alone mobile sites (clients with "Standard" sites receive a $10/mo discount off the mobile site hosting fees.)

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